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My garden design, coaching, teaching, and information business has kept me busy for the last 20+ years and I couldn't enjoy it more. Classes at Shenandoah University, the State Arboretum of Virginia, Oatlands Plantation, and other locations have brought me into contact with gardeners of all experience levels. And no one wants to do more maintenance in the garden than necessary - we all need more time for iced tea and a snooze on the garden bench surrounded by our beautiful roses! Design work keeps the hounds fed.

As former owner and editor of Grandiflora Mid-Atlantic Gardening Magazine, author of The Virginia Gardener's Companion: An Insider's Guide to Low-Maintenance Gardening in Virginia, and blogger on the Christian Science Monitor site, I value good information. And because I am an older sister, I can't wait to let you know about it!

You can reach me through email if you have questions or corrections.  Glad you are here!

The Mid-Atlantic Garden:
An Insider’s Guide to Successful
Lower-Maintenance Gardening

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in Kindle ebook
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The Mid-Atlantic Garden helps people build beautiful gardens, large and small. Its core concept is that gardening should bring maximum four-season pleasure with a minimum of work. Originally published as the Virginia Gardener’s Companion in 2008, this revised edition contains updated information about successful gardening strategies for the entire mid-Atlantic region. It includes experience from a noted Virginia gardener along with advice from other regional gardening experts and horticulturists.

Both beginners and experienced gardeners will find ideas that help them avoid costly mistakes … and ideas that bring beauty into their lives.


How to design gardens with plant combinations that delight and resonate

Lower-maintenance techniques proven to make gardening easier

How to make the most of mid-Atlantic’s climate and long gardening season

Plants that thrive in the mid-Atlantic and tough-as-nails varieties

What’s in your soil and how to improve it

Ways to combat common pests and plant diseases

Local sources of hands-on assistance with gardening questions

About the Author

Author Donna Williamson is a long-time gardener, garden designer, and owner of Donna Williamson Fine Gardening. She has taught gardening and design classes at the State Arboretum of Virginia, Oatlands Plantation (Leesburg, VA), and Shenandoah University (Winchester, VA). Major design projects have included creating meadows and installing a private arboretum. The founder and editor of Grandiflora Mid-Atlantic Gardening magazine, Williamson writes on gardening topics for publications including Virginia's Blue Ridge Leader newspaper. She lives in Winchester, Virginia.

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